Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some random photos from the archive

I have added a gallery featuring some random photos from the archive. This is a selection of photos which I generate and publish from time to time (about once a week) so if I ever took a photo of you it's likely to appear here sometime. I do screen the selection before publishing so there should be nothing embarrassing for anyone, not that I have much in that line. I have also started the daunting task of scanning in most of my old slides and photos so this gallery should become more interesting as time goes on. If you see any photos you want a full size copy of just let me know.

Frankie's first day at school

Frankie started school this year which was, as usual a very emotional event for all concerned. Here's a photo gallery with the best photos. One of the good things about having all three kids at school is that I appear to be getting off to work much earlier which means I can finish earlier too and have more time to do stuff in the evening.